Walsh Bay Free WiFi

FREE wifi available in the public areas within the Precinct.

Walsh Bay Arts and Commerce

Walsh Bay Arts & Commerce was established in 2007 to represent the business interests of the vibrant Walsh Bay community. Harnessing the collective resources of its members, WBAC strives to grow the commercial sustainability of the precinct by leading on marketing and publicity initiatives that achieve results for the precinct.


Heritage & Culture Walks


Barangaroo is the future of Sydney. It is being created as a landmark for our economic future and to give people maximum access to the harbour.

Found out the latest about the Barangaroo development...


Sydney’s blessed with a seemingly infinite capacity to surprise and charm. It may be a street you’ve never walked before. A building you’ve never noticed until today. A new perspective perhaps, the discovery of fascinating fragments of our turbulent history. Even something as familiar as the Harbour can still reveal well-kept secrets, unfolding a rich past in the midst of modernity. Leave the hustle and bustle of The Rocks, step quietly past the posing brides, pause to marvel at the great grey bridge that soars up from its granite towers above you and find yourself in Walsh Bay, where everything old is new again..!

Luke Meads, Precinct Manager

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