Precinct Security is responsible for the general security of the Precinct. CSA guards patrol the Precinct on Friday and Saturday nights only. These shifts are increased over holiday periods and Public Holidays.

The purpose of the Precinct security patrols is to:
  • Provide a visible presence that will act as a deterrent to potential anti-social and unlawful activity
  • Address unauthorised commercial activity on Precinct property
  • Address immediate threats to property or public safety
  • Report all incidents to the Precinct Manager 
Security CANNOT act on:
  • Breach of Council conditions
  • Licensing concerns
  • Resident's behavior within their apartments 
  • Neighbourhood noise complaints
The above concerns outside of Security's scope of responsibilities should be forwarded to:
  • For restaurant licensing concerns, noisy neighbours & anti-social behaviour, contact The Rocks Police - 8220 6399
  • For noise, smoking, parking & development consent conditions, contact Sydney Council – 9265 9333
Security Timetable:
Saturday & Sunday nights – 5pm to midnight

On-site guard mobile:
0488 002 170
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